Latest releases
Release 1.3 October 18, 2017

Version 1.3 is now live. The two main improvements are the search speed and the new map layer showing areas for Village Agents. We have also added a brief overview of site usage – please contact us if you would like any more information about the data shown.

Changes made:

• Improved search speed.
• Added a new map layer for Village Agent areas
• Auto-close information boxes when next is opened (when you click on a pin on the map)
• Changed filters so results do not appear outside your selected radius
• Added site usage information from Google Analytics
• Added more providers, activities and information records. We now have nearly 400 activities listed!

Release 1.2 March 22, 2017

Version 1.2 is now live. Some major work on this release included the ability to filter results on the map by keyword. This means the map results are the same as the list results. We also changed the categories to make it clearer where to find certain types of information.

Changes made:

• Now able to filter map results by keyword.
• Changed category to ‘Groups and Activities’
• Added a new category for ‘Information and Drop Ins’.
• Added checkboxes for the types of services offered by micro-providers.
• Added an Advanced Search expanding box to the homepage
• Added ‘Last updated’ information to each record.
• Added a small map to the print view when a single record is selected.
• Added a breadcrumb trail to the site.
• Added a ‘no results found’ message to results lists when no results are returned.
• Minor cosmetic tweaks and bug fixes.
• Added new providers, activities and information providers – there are now 432 records in the site.

Please see our release log archive for all previous releases
Future Developments
We are currently rewriting the future developments list – check back for more information